Hag Mag is self published annual magazine based in Sydney, Australia. We’re obsessed with the strange, kitschy and obscene musings of hags worldwide, putting together a rancid tome of tragedy, filth and glamour!

Satan, the original contrarian, is Mother of this issue - engendering general mischief, living deliciously, getting what you want (I’m sure you’ve heard of her) - it’s an urge that lives inside us all, and this issue we beg you let the devil on your shoulder take the reins. Stir the pot! Put on a show! She invented sinning to give us something juicy to do, to gossip about, to entertain ourselves with transgressions and controversies.

Featuring the smoke monster from Lost, doll making, prose, centrefold models, a grindr exchange w da devil , confessionals ⛪️, dream interpretation , horoscopes, an interview with Australia’s goriest filmmaking sweetheart Alice Maio Mackay and a peek into the life of 80s dominatrix Nikkola Domina!

Issue 6 features work by Adele Warner, Alex Xerri, Alexei Toliopoulos, Alice Maio Mackay, Anastasia Dale, Ben Toupein, Bliss Starling, Cameron Davies, Corkys Club, Ella Sanderson, Frankie Fearce, Georgette Stefoulis, Lucy Bubalo, Melinda Reid, Michael Di Iorio, Niamh Gallagher, Nikkola Domina, Piggy Hope, Rebecca Hall, Sophie Alais, Tony Calloub, Trashion, Vomitrix


The theme of Issue 5 is Feral - capturing the frenetic energy of a post lockdown era, responding to a general sense of cultural fatigue, a rejection of the omnipresence of corporations and a nihilistic dependency on technology. Feral is letting loose, honouring the physical realm, an antidote to doomerism. It’s reclaiming being an outsider, knowing yourself, looking within, clawing your way through life. Feral is communal, being one with nature and with all.

Features work by Andrew Onorato, Kate Dunn, Margaret Barry, Adriana Musić, Rebecca Hall, Ruby Knight, Miriam Osburne, Ellen Muller, Klaire Doyle, Hazel Gibson, Laura Wingrove, Evie Hilliar, Kazuki Komatsu, Michael Di Iorio, Will Thompson, Harriet Jane, Drita Ajredin, Alecia John, Jenny Lee, Georgette Stefoulis, Ella Sanderson, Florentina Pergoleto, Michail Mathioudakis and Oliver Vincent Reyes.

Only the sexiest people read Hag Mag, so what are you waiting for? (Don draper vibesssss)