Hag MaG is a self-published annual art and pop culture magazine, with a love of all things filthy, camp and bizarre. Made with a low fi, DIY attitude, self publishing has allowed Hag Mag to indulge in fantasy and delusion, celebrating the outrageous, esoteric and obscene with gleeful abandon. A fascination with pop culture, from the lowbrow and trashy to the obscure and arcane, drives the mag. Contributors are encouraged to plumb the depths of their souls and reveal their niche obsessions, shameful moments, all their horrible little observations of the world and spin them into funny, poignant, or otherwise batshit extrapolations. We are cultural critics, critical thinkers, the thinking man’s tabloids, gossip rag meets pet psychic meets EGOT meets an aspic salad, cold chunks of idea-meat suspended in fantastical gooey castles - deranged, unhinged, carnal and sensual.